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Gasp-worthy costumery! Twists on twists! This unsung documentary from last year is the next Paris is Burning, showing the lives of how queer youth of color find their chosen family on the Christopher Street Pier in the modern day. Come for the education, stay for the ballroom scenes, mama. This is one of the best queer films to come out this year, hands down. Capturing the lives and losses of the AIDS movement in s Paris, this story shows us the true meaning of radical activism without pandering or overdramatizing. My admittedly low expectations for this film were blown out of the water when a plus-sized girl trying to win a beauty pageant is taken under the glittery wings of a loving group of drag queens.

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A studly young sheep farmer is broody and dissatisfied with his life. As if I need to say more, his life is turned around by a swarthy Romanian migrant worker in a romance story that was as beautiful and complex as Call Me By Your Name but got half the credit. But like, so much better than Brokeback Mountain.

Two black men come of age in rough-around-the-edges Miami in a radically honest, Oscar-winning story of selfhood, kindness, identity, and community. Now, she finally tells her story. Out with the new, in with the old! This cult classic supersedes the revamp it recently got as a TV show on the Paramount Network. Golden-era Wynona Ryder and a weird-hot Christian Slater team up to take down what were the original Mean Girls in this delightfully morbid comedic high school farse.

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This film swept the Oscars for a reason! Two gay nightclub owners plot together to play it straight for a day in order to impress the in-laws. Christine Baranski! Though the homophobic son in this film is such an unlikeable character it is at times hard to swallow, Nathan Lane cancels it out by playing one of the queeniest queens in cinematic history. Rachel Weisz returns to her oppressive orthodox Jewish community only to find love with a one Rachel McAdams. So much sexual tension!

So many Rachels! This sexy, dreamy indie drama glides through the life of an aimless teenager trying to find love and community on the cruising beaches of Brooklyn. I, like most queers, have a soft spot for shirtless delinquents, and this heartwarming coming-of-age story does not disappoint in that regard. Shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, this comedy tells the story of one day in the life of a close-knit group of trans sex workers on Christmas Eve.

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Cat fights, gratifying clapbacks, and beautiful, emotional depth make this one of the best movies to come out of How could we forget Salma Hayek as one of the greatest queer icons in history? Following the life of the sexually awakened, passionate, and political life of Frida Kahlo, this Oscar-nominated performance is worth the revisit. And Diego Luna is such a heartthrob, ugh. Okay, so this movie might not feature any gay plots or characters, but I do feel like it is gay, spiritually. In it, Cher Cher!!!!! A Home at the End of the World 01 hours 37 minutes. Adam And Steve 01 hours 39 minutes.

Comedy , Drama , Family , gay movie , Musical , Romantic.

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Adonis Factor 01 hours 09 minutes. Classic Gay movie , Gay Documentary.

All over the guy 01 hours 35 minutes. Comedy , Drama , gay movie , Romantic. Boy culture 01 hours 26 minutes. Christianlty , Drama , Prisons , Thriller. Call Me Kuchu 01 hours 27 minutes. Christianlty , Drama , gay movie , Prisons. Ciao 01 hours 27 minutes. Drama , gay movie , Romantic. Finding me 01 hours 55 minutes.

Comedy , Drama , gay movie , Romantic , Teenage. Gayby 01 hours 25 minutes. God loves Uganda 01 hours 23 minutes. Heartbeats 01 hours 41 minutes. Drama , Family , gay movie , Immigrants. Edge of Seventeen 01 hours 39 minutes. Comedy , Drama , gay movie , Lesbian , Romantic , Teenage. I Do 01 hours 31 minutes. Drama , gay movie , Lesbian , Romantic. Leave it on the floor 01 hours 45 minutes. I want your love 01 hours 11 minutes.

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Drama , Escorts , gay movie , Romantic. Is It Just Me 01 hours 39 minutes. Judas Kiss 01 hours 34 minutes. Drama , gay movie , Romantic , Sci-fi , Teenage. Latter Days 01 hours 47 minutes. Christianlty , Comedy , Drama , gay movie , Romantic. Classic Gay movie , Drama , gay movie , Short movies , Thriller. The Skinny 01 hours 43 minutes. The Sum of us 01 hours 40 minutes.

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Classic Gay movie , Comedy , Drama , gay movie. Walk on water 01 hours 43 minutes. Drama , gay movie , Thriller. Coming Out Party 01 hours 19 minutes. Comedy , Gay Documentary , gay movie. Gone but Not Forgotten 01 hours 34 minutes.

More Than Friendship 01 hours 28 minutes. Drama , Family , gay movie , Romantic. Kissing Darkness 01 hours 27 minutes. Comedy , gay movie , Thriller. Bite Marks 01 hours 24 minutes. Comedy , Drama , gay movie , Teenage , Thriller. Plan B 01 hours 43 minutes.

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