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I'm also not really into camp queeny gay guys and generally don't really like the promiscuity and bitchyness. I don't want to have to change.
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I have no idea if he's gay, but playing video games with other guys instead of hanging out with you does NOT make him automatically gay. It just means he likes video games. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

Hello wat teressa told abut herself is same wid me going on frm last26yrs i am going mad but der is no solution. I really enjoyed this article.

Asking My Boyfriend If He Wants to Have Kids with Me

It covers quite a bit but I guess every situation can be different. We have been together for two years. He once was married when he was younger and had maybe a couple of relationships with other women before me. The first year was amazing. The sex is outstanding. When I first got with him, I knew he was a brony. His best friend is a guy who used to have a girlfriend. Just this past year, his friend came out as being transgender.

I guess my worry started happening last year. Just recently I asked him if he was attracted to me. A month ago he was acting so distant and cold, I told him please to go stay with a friend or something. He did stay with his transgender friend over a weekend and he contacted me during that weekend that he really wants to come back home. This is my home and I pay for everything since he has been currently unemployed since we got together.

There was this one time that he asked me if I ever had a threesome before. I was honest and open with him because I did in fact experimented before. I asked him if he did and he said once with a couple that was a guy and girl couple. Now it makes me wonder, could he had been talking about his guy friend who is currently a girl now? If I had gained so much weight or let myself go, or if we scream and argue all the time, then I could understand it. My boyfriend isn't interested in me sexually at all and I'm not sure if he ever was. The sex always felt disconnected and forced.

He is very affectionate with me and loves to cuddle and kiss me constantly. He says he loves me and he loves touching me. He has only one, maybe two close guy friends who are straight and the rest are all gay. I am friends with all his gay friends and they all say he's straight and only brings women around them.

They have all talked about his ex girlfriends before me. I can't help but wonder.

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He spends the most time with his gay friends and he invites me out with them too but it makes me question things since he seems so uninterested in sex with me. He did say that he was once really promiscuous with random women and then felt like he needed an emotional connection instead of focusing on sex so much.

I’m worried my daughter’s boyfriend is gay. How do I tell her?

He says he has that emotional connection with me. He also says he watches porn and satisfies himself a lot. He says he's definitely attracted to me but since I'm his first serious relationship he feels more connected to me emotionally than physically. If he is bi sexual, I wish he would just tell me because I wouldn't dump him. I'd still love him anyway. But I gotta know why he won't have sex with me. Also he does follow mostly men on social media.

He plays the piano and paints so he follows other piano players and painters but they are all men. He doesn't check out men or women but he definitely talks to men more than women. Maybe because I'm there but he definitely doesn't check out anyone. I haven't seen it once.


Any help here? How can I help him we've been together for two months now and something is not right. Ladies, if you're concerned then ask him about what he likes, dislikes and feels. Talk about things.

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Secretly Gay: How to Tell If He's Hiding His True Self

Snooping around on anybody's social media is an awful thing to do. You'll kill trust and it will stress you out Maybe, if you're at that point and you can't communicate, it might be time for counselling or to end things. When I moved my bf in from him living with his female cousin with 3 kids after being together for 2 months.

I ended up unpacking his luggage while he was at work. Immediately I noticed a pair of boxers that had a huge perfectly ripped hole in the back.. He then told me he sat on something Wich caused a little hole. However he was bored and began to rip it into a even bigger one. I then asked him why didn't he throw them away and all he could say was that I was not supposed to see the boxers Is that the first sign telling me my bf is gay? So the guy I'm dating now we've been friends for a year and some months now, we recently started to get physical as of this year within my year and some months of knowing him.

Before we got physical I found grindr app on his phone and looked at some messages he was sending to other men about giving massages for money and escorting basically. I confronted him about it and he had said that he was in a low dtage in life but I assume that he was hiding the fact that he may be bisexual does this make him gay? This article is really unsettling. What the hell man? Is he gay? Confronting them when they want to deceive you is useless.

They will continue to lie. If this is what they have been doing, it is ridiculous to think they will suddenly tell the truth just because you ask. And this thing about them being "confused" is baloney. I am sick of consoling dishonest people with this excuse, THEY made up. TRUTH is the topic here. My husband said he would like to try a tranny out before he leaves this world but I have him an awful look, then he said he was playing I feel you meant what you say you just wanted to see my reaction my question is does that mean hes gay or bi. My boyfriend has been this way since we started the relationship, he was always really close to his friends, always saying very sexual things back in forth but in joking manner.

Calking it "locker room talk". We were in a long distance realtionship for almost a year, we would skype. I remeber one time he was being dry humped by a freind talking to me, but he said it was a joke. Now things have just gotten worse guys kissing him on the neck, guys telling me"jokingly" that they have been with mt boyfriend in a sexual way, guys telling me they are going to suck my boyfriend and etc.

Juat really crude things. We use to go in double dates, the guys would ugnore the girls for hours, go to the bathroom with each other. One time someone told me "watch out for your man he is flirting with my boyfreind". But we barely have sex anymore i am 21 and he is It isnt that we dont have the drive. I have talked to him about this multiple times he just freaks out and say that there is nothing he can do about it.

But everyday his freind keeps coming up to me, telling me he has a nice blank, that he is gonna take my man, that he wants to suck my boyfreinds blank. People keep grabing him by the waist, slapping his ass, kissing his neck, all in front of me. And he does nothing about it he lets it happen, then says i couldnt do anything about it.

It is locker room talk.

14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper | Thought Catalog

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